Tether is a showcase of Brisbane’s contemporary dance
Designed to connect the public with Brisbane’s emerging creative dance performances

Queen Street Mall Stage, near the Myer Centre entrance.

18th June 2010
1pm, 3.30pm and 5pm.
Free public performance

Tether is a site-specific dance performance, inspired by human connections. It explores, in abstract, the immaterial connections, which bind all of us to a common humanity. What ties do strangers share? What stops us from drifting away from those around us? How is it that one person’s actions can so profoundly affect another? How is it that we can draw strength from the intangible?

Watch as a surreal landscape of dance is transposed onto ordinary, everyday surrounds. Coils of red cord will be unwound, transforming the site and informing the dancer’s use of space and movement.

Tether brings together five young emerging dance artists – Anja Ali-Haapala, Erin Coates, Samantha Hunt and Kellie Rose McNamara, with choreography by Mimi Van Buuren. Tether is produced by Patric Lilleboe who also brought together collaborators Laura Gosney (Film Director) and Lee Crockford (Music Composer).

Follow the Tether as it twists and turns… Seek the intangible.

Check out the images of Tether from Photographer Bridie O’Donnell.

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Supported by BCC

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